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Kazuhisa Inoue


Good Luck 3

What does your startup do?

Good Luck 3 is a company that develops game applications for smartphones, and produces entertainment content such as video production.
As an app developer, Good Luck 3 developed the "Touch! The "Gudetama'' series which has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times. "PUI PUI Molcar Mogumogu Parking" was ranked the No. 1 free game in Japanese iOS and Android app stores. In video production, the drama series "The Method of Life" has been steadily growing, and the latest production is a full-fledged movie. Elsewhere, we have been working on blockchain-related products since 2018. We are developing and operating Japan's first blockchain game "Kuripu Pig Racing Friends (English name: Crypt-Oink Racing Friends)".

What problem are you trying to solve?

We believe that when AI and robots become even more prevalent in the future, values other than productivity will become increasingly important, and play will become work. There is a richness in play, and human culture has developed from it. With an eye on such an era, we would like to develop a business that enriches play.
Specifically, we intend to grow our business from the entertainment x IT angle. Content is a living thing, and scheduled content is not interesting, so we will incorporate new technologies, such as blockchain, into our business.

Why did you choose Fukuoka?

First, it is important to mention that this is my hometown. But also, I find that both the living and working environments in Fukuoka are good. This helps our projects to progress smoothly. I also really enjoy Fukuoka’s rich natural elements such as the mountains and beaches. 

What do you think about Fukuoka's startup community?

The city is a good size and a nice fit for the work we do at Good Luck 3. The industry, government, and academic communities all communicate with each other and work collaboratively.  

How has Fukuoka City helped your startup?

Fukuoka city is very supportive. They are especially helpful for companies who want to establish themselves overseas. If a startup needs help with something like getting in touch with potential investors or business partners, the city can be a great resource.  

Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Fukuoka? Anything you wish you’d known before starting your company here?

Fukuoka’s startup community is very open. I would recommend jumping into the startup scene first thing, and from there you will see opportunities begin to appear.