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Keisuke Matsuo

Founder of Heimo Japan

Heimo Japan

What does your startup do?

Heimo is a social media platform that doubles joy and cuts sorrows in half. My job is to gain new users in Japan and spread the word about Heimo. 

What problem are you trying to solve?

I hope people will use Heimo to solve the problem of suicide among youths.  

Why did you choose Fukuoka?

This is the city that helped make my dreams come true, which is why I want to give back to Fukuoka. 

What do you think about Fukuoka's startup community?

I think it’s very exciting! I had the opportunity to pitch to a prominent Silicon Valley VC this year! Fukuoka is full of tremendous opportunities for startups.

How has Fukuoka City helped your startup?

Fukuoka City has been very supportive. They distribute our official flyers and plans at pitch events, and I am extremely grateful to them for all of their help. 

Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Fukuoka? Anything you wish you’d known before starting your company here?

You aren’t alone. Fukuoka is a city where you can meet key people who will help to support you and your business. I recommend that you stop by Startup Café, they have a lot of information that you will certainly find useful.