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Fukuoka City’s Global Startup Network

map showing fukuokas partner cities

These partnerships create strong foundations for our startups who wish to conduct business overseas.

Below are just a few of the benefits Fukuoka’s startups can access as a result of these connections:

  • Advice from local experts about founding a company in the region (often free of charge).
  • Assistance in acquiring the appropriate residency status for a business owner in the country.
  • Help locating local office space or desks in incubator facilities.
  • Introductions to key industry contacts.

Entrepreneurs who come to Fukuoka from one of our partner regions will be able to receive:

  • Matching services with key companies in Fukuoka and introductions to those organizations.
  • Useful information about how to found a company here, and how Fukuoka City can support your efforts.
  • Aid in securing a startup visa to allow you to establish a company in Japan.
  • Assistance securing a space in local startup incubation facilities.
  • Introductions to financial institutions that can help you to start your business.
  • Introductions to academic institutions and industry contacts that can help you to expand your network.
  • Help finding talented individuals to expand your local team.

If you are interested in learning more about launching your startup in Fukuoka or one of our partner regions, your next step is to contact our Global Business Support (GBS). These experts will provide you with the answers that you need to begin creating your company. If you want to learn more about the GBS and its concierges, please visit the GBS overview.