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Fukuoka city & Rwanda

Creating connections with Rwanda’s startup community.

Fukuoka city & Rwanda Connections

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Fukuoka City has already concluded MoUs with eleven regions and countries as well as fifteen bases, establishing cooperative startup support plans with each connection. We are excited to have recently connected with innovators in Africa, a region whose outstanding startup initiatives continually attract a great deal of global attention. To continue our efforts growing Startup City Fukuoka’s global community and building relationships with other enthusiastic startup hubs, we have formed strong ties with Rwanda’s startup ecosystem.

In addition to drafting letters of intent (LOIs) between companies from Fukuoka city and companies in Rwanda, and being introduced to the 250Startups organization, we have also invited several startups from Rwanda to come to our city and share their business pitches.

Introducing 250Startups

Our Global Startup Center (GSC) was introduced to Rwanda’s 250Startups by JICA Kyushu. The GSC and 250Startups keep in close communication with each other as both teams strive to provide comprehensive support to startups. The organization chose to connect with Fukuoka because we are one of Japan’s growing cities that is dedicated to helping startups to advance.

250Startups assists startups in their quest to be self-reliant and contribute to the technological, economic, and social development of Rwanda. Their mission is to discover and support startups in the technology space that are strong candidates for investment. To achieve that mission, the organization has the following goals (provided by 250Startups):

  • To support startups in developing viable business models and go-to-market.
  • To develop capacity building through professional internships.
  • To prepare startups to become investable.
  • To contribute to the development of SDGs through home-grown solutions.

Startups Visit from Rwanda

On January 20th, 2020, five startups from Rwanda came to Fukuoka to share details on their companies with our community. These startups are creative, forward-thinking, and passionate about a wide range of fields. Here is a bit of information on each company. You can click on the company name to visit their website and learn more.

  • Ikizamini Founder: Elisha MUHIGIRWA
    Ikizamini is a web and mobile app enabling people to prepare for their driver's test effortlessly.
  • Aqua Safi Founder: Eric Safari
    Aquasafi Ltd. developed a product called Wameter is an online water quality monitoring system via a web app.
  • GoCook Founder: Yvonne Nyinawumuntu
    Gocook is an online platform that connects people to chefs who can cook for them anytime, anywhere.
  • CodEck Founder: Mwangaza Nullius
    CodEck is practical an online coding platform for children.
  • FarmPal Founder: Materne Mateso
    FarmPal is a digital platform linking farmers and micro-investors.

LOIs Between Companies in Fukuoka & Rwanda

With LOIs, companies in Fukuoka and Rwanda will be able to collaborate and create together. They will build partnerships rooted in both communities, and help bring innovative concepts to the world. Currently, Fukuoka-based companies have signed LOIs with the following companies:

  • Extra Technologies (AICOS) & Team AIBOD
    These companies are currently discussing details for collaborating in the future.
  • Olado & seed village 
    Currently, Olado is preparing samples of their products to share with seed village for potential entry into the Japanese market.
  • SOLV IT & Eagle Tree
    Eagle Tree is preparing to accept interns beginning in April 2020.

Get Involved

If you're interested in connecting with startups and businesses in Fukuoka, please contact the GSC. That includes everyone, no matter where you are in the world! We look forward to hearing from you.