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Fukuoka city Startups Prepare for Russia & Estonia

Pitch contest winners will join the city on this exciting trip.

Fukuoka city Startups Prepare for Russia & Estonia

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What Events Are Happening in Russia & Estonia?

In an exciting milestone, Fukuoka city will be holding an MoU First Anniversary Ceremony Event in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 14. This is one of fourteen MoUs Fukuoka city holds with ten countries and regions around the globe. Additionally, the popular Latitude59 event will be happening in Estonia on May 16th and 17th. Fukuoka city will have a booth at Latitude59 and will also host a pitch event.

Fukuoka’s Pitch Event

Fukuoka city helps startups to travel to valuable events around the world (like the ones mentioned above) several times each year. At these events, startups can join the Fukuoka city booth by applying or sometimes by winning one of the city-sponsored pitch contests.


To prepare for the upcoming events in Russia and Estonia, the city held one such pitch contest on March 19, 2019. Founders interested in forming ties abroad and winning prizes were encouraged to come and pitch against one another. The competition was held at one of Fukuoka’s newest co-working spaces, WeWork Daimyo, where attendees were able to hear more about each company’s progress and outlook.

And the Winner Is…

The first prize was awarded to Fukuoka-based Team AIBOD. They won a prize package that included free participation in events during the trip to Russia and Estonia this May and space at Fukuoka city’s booth at Latitude59. Team AIBOD also won the opportunity to join the Fukuoka city-sponsored pitch events at Latitude59 and the St. Petersburgh MoU Anniversary Pitch Contest.

Team AIBOD creates practical and user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The organization brings a unique blend of academic expertise and real-world ventures that has led to collaborations with leading organizations in many fields.

When I interviewed Team AIBOD’s founder, Mr. Matsuo, he expressed how important Fukuoka city’s support is, especially as his team begins to form business ties to companies around the world. In addition, he noted how helpful the Global Startup Center has been in arranging business meetings and introducing him to key companies abroad.

Get to Know Team AIBOD

One facet of their business that Team AIBOD is enthusiastically focusing on is AIBOD Energy, which centers around enhancing energy management using AI. Mr. Matsuo shared, “Energy is one of the hottest domains globally. The trend is shifting away from fossil fuels and toward reusable energy and distributed power grid systems. We see good opportunities in these shifts, as our product is for the optimized use of reusable energy with microgrid operation.”

With many meetings scheduled in both Estonia and Russia, Mr. Matsuo is looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from the upcoming trip. He continues, “2019 is going to be a very important one for Team AIBOD. We plan to build a strong business base with our own products and services – starting with AIBOD Energy. Please stay tuned!”