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Fukuoka's 5G Revolution

Fukuoka's 5G Revolution

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The Network of the Future

Recently, 5G technology has garnered a great deal of media attention since it will bring incredibly fast mobile network speeds to consumers. As network speeds increase, so will efficiency and the ability to rely on the network to support the creation of new services, products, and devices. Fukuoka city is preparing to build a 5G infrastructure that will encourage the development of even more future technologies in the region.

5G in Fukuoka

On December 2nd, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN), and NTT DOCOMO jointly hosted an event at FGN to showcase 5G services. At the event, Fukuoka city unveiled Fukuoka 5G Vision 2021. This initiative was established to support startups as they create and implement services to enrich the lives of our city’s residents. As a part of this initiative, Fukuoka will build a 5G environment to sustain the development of future technologies and attract leading engineers to the region.

Fukuoka will host the 19th FINA World Championships 2021 Fukuoka, and the time leading up to the tournament will be a priority period for Fukuoka 5G Vision 2021 to focus on increasing 5G base stations. The last time the event was held in Fukuoka was 2001, and the world record pace line was televised live for the first time during that competition. Since we have a history of debuting new technology at the event, it will be another chance for Fukuoka to introduce our commitment to technological advancements.

Another highlight from the day was the interesting projects that Fukuoka-based startups demonstrated using 5G. They showcased fun ways to take advantage of the new network, including a VR badminton game and a robot security guard. In addition, consultation meetings were held for startups considering utilizing 5G. FGN has a 5G base station installed where new services can be developed. 

A 5G Sneak Preview 

One startup that demonstrated at the event was Fukuoka’s own Quando. The company aims to digitize various industries, including finance, manufacturing, construction, and retail. They presented a service for the construction and manufacturing industries to the event’s attendees. Their team is eager to begin using 5G as an infrastructure for their communication channels in the near future. As Quando’s services include real-time video, the founders are looking forward to 5G’s high speeds, large capacity, and minimal latency. If you are interested in learning more about Quando’s technology, you can watch parts of it here (presentation begins at 43:25, demo begins at 50:43).

Join the Future

In terms of next steps, Fukuoka city will create a database of municipal facilities that can support 5G antenna base stations and provide that information to carriers. Additionally, private businesses that are interested in developing solutions that will improve the quality of Fukuoka resident’s lives will be able to receive support at the Fukuoka 5G Vision 2021 counter. This one-stop counter will be staffed with employees who can provide information about 5G and promote the installation and use of Fukuoka’s 5G antenna base stations. It will also act as a hub where telecommunications providers can connect with local businesses who want to adopt 5G and use it to power their products or services.

There’s no telling what exciting advancements will be sparked by bringing 5G to our vibrant startup community. If you’re interested in joining the 5G revolution and expanding your business to Fukuoka, please contact the Global Startup Center for more information. We look forward to bringing you more updates on 5G and details on how our startups are utilizing it. For more on how Fukuoka is embracing future technology, you can read about our smart city, Fukuoka Smart East, here.