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Fukuoka Smart East

Creating the world’s most liveable smart city.

Fukuoka Smart East

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One of the world’s most liveable cities is evolving into one of its most advanced. Fukuoka will bring together cutting-edge technology, innovative thinkers, and sustainable practices to create the largest smart city in Japan. Join us as we develop the future of smart living!

Fukuoka Smart East

Have you heard about Fukuoka Smart East yet? If not, get ready! The Smart East team is taking innovation to the next level by creating a smart city right in the heart of Fukuoka. 


By bringing local and international startups and businesses together, Fukuoka Smart East is going to be an incredible place to test, showcase, and experience new technology. 


Since so many startups will be involved in the project, we’ll keep you updated on progress, events, and important topics in future newsletters. Visit Fukuoka Smart East's website to learn more.