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Introducing Fukuoka City's Global Entrepreneurship Program & Its Charms

Introducing Fukuoka City's Global Entrepreneurship Development Program & the City's Charms Once Again

Fukuoka's Global Entrepreneurship Program & Its Charms

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Global Entrepreneurship Program Once Again

Fukuoka City has been implementing the "Global challenge! STARTUP TEAM FUKUOKA" global entrepreneurship development program since 2016.

Although the program had been conducted entirely online since the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face training was partially resumed this year, with a five-day overseas training program held in San Francisco from February 19 to February 24.

Seven participants, who were selected through training in Fukuoka City and online, attended talks by local entrepreneurs, visited companies, gave presentations in English, and brushed up on their business introductions to gain hints for overseas expansion.

SF pitch night 2023

The highlight of the overseas training was the "SF pitch night 2023," a local startup event, where a total of six participants, including three selected during the overseas training period, competed in a pitch battle.

As a result of highly selective judging, KAICO, a startup participating in the training program, won the runner-up prize!

In addition, demo booths by the participants were also exhibited at the same venue.

By utilizing the panels and models prepared during the training period, the participants were able to interact with and receive feedback from the large audience, which led to improved learning.

Last but not least, here are the comments from Mr. Taniguchi of KAICO, the runner-up in the pitch battle at the "SF pitch night 2023.

“The best part of this program was the experience of pitch battles in the US, where we could feel the special tension and the passion of global startups firsthand. It was very meaningful and we were able to understand what our challenges were.
In addition, the chance to understand the ecosystem in San Francisco, the opportunity to visit local ventures, and the network of people I made through this program will also be useful in the future.
Thank you very much.”

We will continue to support entrepreneurs from Fukuoka going out into the world to take on new challenges!!

Introducing Fukuoka City's Charms

Fukuoka City has been posting articles on Facebook asking foreign entrepreneurs who have started their businesses in Fukuoka City to introduce the city's charms and recommended spots.
In the past year, we asked them to create articles like this one.

Many of them recommend Fukuoka City for its living environment with abundant nature, delicious food, and a lifestyle with a good work-life balance.
Why don't you start a business in Fukuoka City and discover its attractions for yourself?

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