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Road to Slush Helsinki 2017

Which Fukuoka-based startups will be attending this year's event?

Road to SLUSH Helsinki 2017

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Fukuoka Startups Are Attending Slush Helsinki 2017!

Every year, the dynamic Slush event draws crowds from across the globe. Several of Fukuoka's startups are lucky enough to be attending the event in Helsinki, Finland at the end of November. Read on to find out more about the local founders who will be attending, and find out why they're excited to join in this year's event.

Planning on going to Slush this year? Meet up with the Startup City Fukuoka Team!

Fukuoka city has organized the BIG IN JAPAN pitch contest on December 1st between 12:00 - 14:00. The winner will receive free roundtrip airfare to Fukuoka in addition to some other great prizes. Event attendees will also get to hear pitches from some incredible Fukuoka-based startups. 

Don’t worry no signup is required (we know it looks like you need to register, but that’s just for startups who are pitching). Just stop by Messukeskus Kokoustamo Room 216 when the doors open at 11:30 and hear what these cutting-edge startups are working on right now! Let us know if you'll be there on our BIG IN JAPAN Facebook page.

If you can’t make the BIG IN JAPAN event, be sure to stop by our booth at Slush. We can’t wait to see you there!


"We are honored for the chance to attend SLUSH as one of the startups based in Fukuoka, Japan. We look forward to hearing exciting ideas from around the globe, and to gain inspiration for ways to improve our own services."

About Groovenauts

Groovenauts, Inc. is a tech company focused on democratizing Machine Learning. Their cloud service, MAGELLAN BLOCKS, makes it so that anybody can analyze and process Machine Learning data by simply connecting on-screen blocks.

Good Luck 3

“We're proud to represent the heart of entrepreneurship in Fukuoka and spirit of gaming of Japan in our first visit to SLUSH Helsinki."

About Good Luck 3

Good Luck 3 specializes in producing mobile games and televised entertainment. Their “LuckyMe” platform seeks to be Japan’s first game-oriented social networking service, which utilizes Blockchain technology. Good Luck 3 hopes LuckyMe will create a new ecosystem for the gaming industry that is decentralized but gamer-dominated. The company’s philosophy is, “Good luck to the people of the world!” and it shows in how passionate they are about every product they create. Good Luck 3’s current products include: Arieal Legends, “Touch!” Gudetama, and “Touch!” Gudetama -EXTREME Soysauce-


“Every time we go to Slush, we make exciting connections and meet inspiring entrepreneurs. We’re especially honored to be sharing our booth with Fukuoka City, as their team has been incredibly supportive of our success.”

About Qurate

Qurate is the content hub that marketing teams have been dreaming about. With Qurate, users get a holistic view of their content including creation, curation, and publishing to all of their online channels. Users can engage with analytics and use social listening to gain insight into topics they care about.


"We hope that our participation in SLUSH will give us the chance to increase global consumers’ interest in beautiful Japanese Kimonos. It is important for us to share our love for these traditional costumes with people around the world.”


Wasomi is a Kimono venture business. Unlike some Kimonos that are difficult to wear, a customer can dress themselves in a Wasomi Kimono in just 5 minutes.

Ideologic Design

“I am excited to meet global startups at SLUSH Helsinki so that we can share ideas, experiences, and future visions with each other. I would also like to learn more about what possibilities may exist for our Palmyra game, and I want to increase my network of people who share my ambitions.”

About Ideologic Design
Ideologic Design Inc. is a business design consulting company. Our core services are providing business solutions and market research services. These services include defining targets, building business models, conducting market research and data analytics, performing financial modeling, conducting revenue projections, conducting valuations simulations, and more. We have also developed a new educational territory strategy game called Palmyra.

Heimo Japan

"Our goal is to help develop suicide prevention measures in Japan. I hope that more people will be able to learn about our company and the service we provide."

About Heimo Japan

Heimo offers users a uniquely kind, gentle, and empathic online community where everyone can interact with an open mind.