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Top accelerators will be running an acceleration program!

For the second year in a row!

Techstars and other top accelerators will be running an acceleration program!

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1. Holding the 2nd acceleration program!

By top accelerators such as Techstars

1) Fukuoka City selected as a Global Hub City

In July 2020, the Japanese government selected "Global Hub Cities" (hereinafter referred to as "Hub Cities") as the base cities for creating globally competitive startup cities. While the selected consortiums were formed by multiple local governments, the Fukuoka Startup Consortium was the only one selected by a single local government (Fukuoka City alone).

Click here for the previous article on the selection of hub cities.

2) Features of the Acceleration Program

Startups in Fukuoka City, a hub city, can receive support for overseas expansion from world-class accelerators.

In the first program, which started in January 2021, 13 startups recommended by Fukuoka City received support from Techstars and WiL, the top accelerators in the world.

In the second program, which will start in October 2021, participating startups will be divided into Bio/Health care, Climate Tech/Clean Tech, etc., and will receive support from top accelerators with expertise in their respective fields, such as CIC and Plug and Play. You can receive support from top accelerators with expertise in each field (see below).

Through 1-on-1 mentoring and business matching with investors and overseas companies, the program is expected to strengthen the know-how and connections that will help startups develop their businesses.

Alchemist Accelerator / Berkeley SkyDeck / CIC / Plug and Play Japan / Techstars / WiL

2. Fukuoka City x Estonia

Online Event on Estonian Startups Entering Fukuoka!

1) Summary of the event

The event started with an introduction to the Global Startup Center (Fukuoka City's consultation service for overseas business development) and Technopole, an Estonian business startup support facility, followed by a talk by Tom, CEO of Fukuoka City startup Qurate, about his experience in Fukuoka. Finally, startups from Estonia made their pitches and received advice from the Global Startup Center on how to expand to Fukuoka.

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will continue to support the expansion of startups on both sides of the border by collaborating with overseas bases where Fukuoka City has promised to mutually cooperate in supporting startups while utilizing online, so please keep an eye on Fukuoka City's movements in the future.

2) About Global Startup Center and Technopole

Global Startup Center Fukuoka City's consultation service for overseas business development. Experienced consultants provide free consultations, and in cooperation with overseas startup support facilities etc., with which Fukuoka City has promised to mutually cooperate in terms of startup support, the center provides support for obtaining overseas information, supporting the establishment of businesses overseas, and matching support with domestic and overseas companies.

In addition, we also provide a "Startup Visa" to support foreigners who want to start a business in Fukuoka City.

A startup support facility in Tallinn, Estonia, where Fukuoka City has promised to mutually cooperate in supporting startups. It has three businesses: real estate development, SME business development services, and startup incubation, and provides a wide range of support from company establishment to management.  It was established jointly by the Estonian government, the Estonian city of Tallinn, and Tallinn University of Technology.

3) Outline of the pitch companies
EYEVI technologies: Provides AI-based road mapping technology. Aiming at the digitization of infrastructure.
CAV Solution: Provides automatic ID and age identification services, which are used in vending machines and bars.
Aufort: Provides a service to buy and sell gold digitally on an e-commerce platform.
Cryplect: Provides a service to buy, sell, and manage athlete cards on the blockchain. The proceeds are being used to fund a basketball club.

Please check out the archived video on YouTube. URL → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqo359YgDhI

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