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Touring Fukuoka’s Startup Websites

A guide to our digital resources.

Touring Fukuoka’s Startup Websites

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Fukuoka’s startup community has a wealth of digital resources to help current and potential founders learn more about starting a company in our city. Here’s a quick guide to our most popular sites and pages to help you find the information you need.

Matchup Fukuoka

Have you heard about this helpful site before? If not, get ready for a lot of great information about startups both in Fukuoka and across the globe! The Matchup Fukuoka website helps founders, investors, and employees to learn more about the startups in Fukuoka’s network. As Fukuoka has signed MoUs with many other startup communities in countries around the world, this site includes profiles in regions beyond Japan. Every company has a profile with detailed information on their business, mission, and current situation.

Many profiles also include contact information, allowing anyone who is interested in their business to get in touch. If you are searching for a Japan-based collaborative partner for your startup, or if you are looking for a great new place to work, check the Matchup Fukuoka site first

Startup City Fukuoka’s Website

If you are reading this article, then you might be familiar with the Startup City Fukuoka website. In addition to publishing monthly journal articles about current startup activities, this site includes the information entrepreneurs need to start up in Fukuoka, and a Feed with some of our latest social posts. Perhaps most importantly, this site contains current details on Fukuoka’s Startup Package.

Founders interested in connecting with entrepreneurs who have already launched businesses in Fukuoka should take a look at our Mentors and Founders sections. Learn from their experience and reach out to these seasoned professionals to get insights from people who have found success in Fukuoka. You can also get details on the other startup communities that Fukuoka is connected to on our Global Network page. If you are from one of the regions that Fukuoka has an MoU with, be sure to ask a local representative about how you can get assistance when you start up in Fukuoka.
To learn a bit more about the reasons that so many entrepreneurs are choosing to found in Fukuoka, visit our Why Fukuoka section. It includes statistics and facts to shed light on our city's business opportunities and quality of life.

Fukuoka’s Global Startup Center

While this information is housed on Startup City Fukuoka’s website, it deserves its own category. The Global Startup Center (GSC) is a place where global entrepreneurs can get expert assistance on founding a company in Fukuoka – entirely in English! It’s a fantastic place to begin your startup journey, as the GSC ambassadors can give you information on what you will need to do to either bring your existing company to Japan or launch a new business here.

The GSC’s section of the website shows how they can help make your dream of founding a company in Fukuoka a reality. You can also check out this recent journal article about the GSC to see what they’ve been working on this year. Of course, you can always email the team here to get information or ask specific questions about starting up in Fukuoka.

We’re excited to bring you even more information on our founders, events, and community in the years to come. Please check out the sites listed above, reach out to the GSC, and get in touch with some of our international mentors to learn what Fukuoka’s startup scene is all about. We look forward to hearing from you!