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Masaki Kumano

Associate professor at Kyushu University

Startup club at Kyushu University

What motivated you to become a startup mentor? 

I want to contribute to Fukuoka’s startup ecosystem. So I started QU Ventures.

What field(s) would you consider your area of expertise? 

Specifically, educating entrepreneurs and supporting startups.

What do you think you could help with the most as a mentor?

Since every startup is different, I can help on a case-by-case basis.

We hear you're motivated to help students. What do you want them to know about startups and their future career goals? 

Keep taking actions and gaining knowledge. Ask yourself how you can help society with your specialized field and your research. I want students to be conscious of the fact that business will factor into the future of their research.

Why would you encourage students to consider creating a startup?

In addition to the benefits I’ve shared in the previous questions, student startups really are no risk and high return.

 Do you have advice for someone who is interested in growing his/her business? 

I hope you have a firm management principle and philosophy in place for your business.

Do you have any advice on effective ways to expand your business network? (Attending specific conferences, going to events, etc.) 

My advice is that you should join good networks and have a good mentor.

Is there anything you think new startups should know? 

Keep studying every day.

Which Fukuoka coffee shop is your favorite for out of office meetings? 

Personally, I like Honey coffee shop.

What's the easiest way for people to reach out to you? 

The best way to get in contact with me is through email