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Mumu Makinose



What motivated you to become a startup mentor?

Sharing is a trendy keyword right now, therefore knowledge sharing is really important to me. 

What field(s) would you consider your area of expertise?

I can help with a wide range of fields. However, global business is my specialty and I can certainly help entrepreneurs with anything related to that.

What do you think you could help with the most as a mentor?

Aside from helping entrepreneurs to better understand the market, I want to help businesses create good stories. They need to develop relevant business models that make them more efficient and keep them active in the future of their fields.

What differences (if any) do you notice between conducting business in Japan and other countries?

A lot of foreign countries value speed and commitment most. However, in Japan, more clarification of the business is required. Startups need to be very precise about what they want to do and how they will achieve their goals.

Do you have advice for someone who is interested in growing his/her business?

Open up your idea to your friends and the Fukuoka startup community in general. Before and during the process of founding your business, fleshing everything out clearly is essential to your success. The better your idea is, the more opportunities you will have for your business to succeed.

Do you have any advice on effective ways to expand your business network? (Attending specific conferences, going to events, etc.)

For now, Startup Cafe is the best place to expand your business network.

Is there anything you think new startups should know?

Don’t base your startup on today, base it on the near future. Always look a half-a-foot ahead of where you are right now.

Which Fukuoka coffee shop is your favorite for out of office meetings? 

Seed Village near Akasaka Station. But I don’t typically share that tip since it’s my secret base!!

What's the easiest way for people to reach out to you?

Stop by Startup Cafe and if I’m not there, check a yatai.