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Why Fukuoka

Our top five reasons for starting up in Fukuoka

The fastest growing city in Japan

The city’s economy is booming, and this trend promises to continue.

People are flocking here, and Fukuoka has the highest population growth rate of any Japanese city. In fact, Fukuoka ranks No. 1 in terms of the growth rate of foreign residents among all the ordinance-designated cities. While the population grows, the prices in the city are still some of the most reasonable in Japan. This economy coupled with the startup incentives that the city provides make it an ideal place to found a new company.

We’re Located in the Heart of East Asia

Conducting international and domestic business is simple with many hubs located just a short flight from Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is perfectly situated in the center of East Asia, making it simple to take a short direct flight to:

  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul
  • Beijing
  • Taiwan
  • And more!

The city also has great relationships with other startup communities across the globe, giving you the chance to interact with other amazing companies.

You’ll Have Access to the Best of the Best

Top talent is easy to find in Fukuoka because of the city’s numerous universities and R&D centers.

As a startup, you'll be eager to connect with innovators and leaders that can help take your business to the next level. Third only to Kyoto and Tokyo, Fukuoka has a plethora of higher education options that attract students from around the world. Major companies have clearly caught on, and have established their research and development center in the city to attract new graduates and experienced professionals.

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Fukuoka Is an Incredible Place to Live

There’s a reason why 96% of Fukuoka’s residents think it’s a pleasant place to live.

Fukuoka is a unique blend of bustling city life, pristine parks, sandy beaches, traditional Japanese culture and modern living, all seamlessly blended together. Forget your visions of cramped and endless commutes. Fukuoka’s average weekday commute time is just over 30minutes. Businesses love it here: In a survey of business people, Fukuoka was voted the most livable city in Japan.

The world agrees, and Fukuoka has been rated one of the world’s most livable cities by Monocle.

* Source: Survey of 1,000 Business people published by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Markets

We Have a Tight-Knit Startup Community

You’ll never have to go it alone. Fukuoka’s startup community is here to support you, and it all begins at the Fukuoka Growth Next Business Support (GBS).

Starting a business in a new country is a huge opportunity. At its core, Fukuoka’s startup community is an inspiring group of founders and entrepreneurs with a wealth of global business experience. Founding your business here will give you the chance to benefit from the wisdom and perspectives of CEOs in a wide range of fields and with diverse backgrounds. Many founders use the GBS as their resource hub for information and assistance with every facet of their business. The GBS is a great place to begin learning about the startup scene in the city and to make helpful business connections.