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Why Fukuoka?

Fukuoka residents know that the city is one of the best kept secrets in Japan. Perfectly located in the center of East Asia, Fukuoka boasts a strong economy and easy access to some of the nation’s top universities and R&D centers.

There are so many reasons this city is an excellent place to start a business that we can’t possibly list them all. We tried to pick our favorites, (trust us – it was hard) so click here to learn why you should found your company in Fukuoka.

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“Fukuoka is giving a boost to budding entrepreneurs.”

Meet the founders

The heart of Fukuoka's startup community is our dedicated and passionate founders. These trailblazers have helped refine the to refine the startup process in the city. They work tirelessly to launch their businesses and work together to create a strong startup environment in the city.

You're probably wondering just how they developed their businesses in Japan, and luckily they were kind enough to share some insight. Be sure to thank them for paving the way for startups in Fukuoka next time you see them!

Meet Founders

Startup package

Our city is dedicated to ensuring that startups succeed. A big part of this is giving new businesses all of the tools and resources they need, right from the beginning.

Fukuoka City offers entrepreneurs incredible financial incentives, networking opportunities, staffing assistance, and individualized consulting services. Starting a company in Fukuoka will give you the keys to unlock your company’s full potential.

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Startup package

Startup Visa

Fukuoka knows how important it is to experience all that the city has to offer while you establish your business. That’s why it is the first city in Japan to offer the progressive Startup Visa.

A Startup Visa gives foreign entrepreneurs six-months to live and work in Fukuoka before applying for a Business Managers Visa. Click here to learn more about this unique visa!

Startup Visa
B Dash Camp 2017 in Fukuoka is a tech summit for key technology executives and startup founders in Japan and from abroad.

March 2017

Come say hi!

We love meeting new entrepreneurs! Drop by the Startup Café now and get started making connections and learning the best way to found a business in Fukuoka.

The Startup Café is open every day (unless it’s a holiday) from 10:00‐22:00.

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Why wait? Contact the helpful Startup Café concierge staff today and begin the process of founding your company in Fukuoka.

Startup Cafe

This is Fukuoka’s bustling startup community hub. The energetic atmosphere allows founders to come and get expert advice, discuss ideas with other founders, hold small meetings, and get their businesses off the ground.

The Startup Café has a welcoming concierge staff that can communicate in both Japanese and English. There’s always an exciting event or opportunity to network at the Café, stop by today and see what’s happening!

Startup Cafe