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Ichiro Kimura

President & CEO


What does your startup do?

Our company provides Tokopay, which is a payment solution for social commerce in Southeast Asia. This service is available to anyone who is selling something to a customer. You can use Links to request payment from anyone at any time. We have refined the payment flow to reduce the friction that can sometimes occur during shopping. Our process also covers several payment channels so it provides a better experience to both sellers and buyers.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Until this point, there were not many options for people who wanted to easily and seamlessly process eCommerce payments in Southeast Asia. The existing options require extremely complex software and potential users are often rejected. With Tokopay, anyone can create a simple payment Link which will allow them to make online payments from anywhere just by sharing the Link.

Why did you choose Fukuoka?

The main reason I founded the company in Fukuoka is because this city has cultivated such a positive atmosphere for startups. We feel really supported and encouraged, which allows us to focus on our business.

What do you think about Fukuoka's startup community?

The community is still growing, and it is full of great information and people from diverse backgrounds. In Fukuoka, it is simple for us to interact with key people that will be able to help our business. The community also allows us to find startup friends, advisors, and investors very easily.

How has Fukuoka City helped your startup?

Fukuoka City has given us the opportunity to participate in a wide range of events and programs. These aren’t just local events either, some of them involve startup cities around the world such as Taipei, London, and San Francisco. Through Fukuoka City we have been able to meet beneficial partners and really get our name out there.

Do you have advice for people considering doing a startup in Fukuoka? Anything you wish you’d known before starting your company here?

I think you should identify friends who will be founding members. You should also strive to become a passionate entrepreneur. If you are enthusiastic and work hard, you will be able to achieve your goals in Fukuoka.