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Introducing Fukuoka City's R&D Startup Support Efforts!

Fukuoka City and Kyushu University Collaborate to Create Startups

Introducing Fukuoka City's R&D Startup Support Efforts!

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Fukuoka City's R&D Department

Fukuoka City has established the "Fukuoka Industry-academia Symphonicity (FiaS)" near Kyushu University. FiaS aims to create new businesses and industries, revitalize local companies, and promote the location of companies and research institutes by utilizing the accumulation of knowledge and potential of universities and other institutions to promote collaboration and exchange among researchers and companies from Japan and abroad.

FiaS Rental Lab

FiaS has not only research functions such as rental laboratories and expensive analytical equipment, but also office functions such as rental offices, business meeting rooms, and spaces for social interaction, and many R&D startups in Fukuoka City have moved in. The center also offers an acceleration program for tenants and researchers, and focuses on supporting R&D startups.

The following is a partial list of startups that have moved in.

Opened the R&D department "Ito Lab+"

R&D department next to "Fukuoka industry-academia Symphonicity" in April this year. Ito Lab+ is a research and development complex consisting of research facilities, commercial facilities, stores, and rental housing. It is a new town that combines the R&D building, which can be used by a variety of companies from large corporations to startups, with a commercial building with bookstores and cafes for relaxation, a food hall for dining, and furniture and interior stores, as well as convenient facilities for daily life.
The location is within an hour's drive from the downtown area and Fukuoka Airport, and allows residents to concentrate on research and development while enjoying the nature of the Itoshima Peninsula.

URL: https://itolabplus.com/ (Japanese only)

Collaboration with Kyushu University

Fukuoka City and Kyushu University concluded a partnership agreement in March this year with the aim of creating an ecosystem that will sustainably create university-launched startups and link technologies and innovations from Kyushu University to social implementation, thereby revitalizing the local economy, solving social issues, and improving the lives of citizens. This year, we will provide support for the commercialization of Kyushu University's research seeds by, for example, matching promising researchers with business experts and conducting verification of commercialization.
In addition, taking the opportunity of the "Open Innovation Platform," an industry-academia collaboration organization of Kyushu University, moving into "Ito Lab+ (Ito Labo Plus)," we will further collaborate with Kyushu University in an area integrated with the adjacent city's Fukuoka industry-academia Symphonicity to strengthen its functions as a research and development center.

Thus, Fukuoka City provides an environment where R&D startups can advance their business and research. If you are an overseas entrepreneur interested in Fukuoka City's support for R&D startups, please feel free to contact us! Furthermore, R&D startups in Fukuoka City also participate in global startup events. If you are interested in R&D startups in Fukuoka City, let's meet on site!

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