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Introducing the startup events held by Fukuoka City!

Pitch Contest by Global Medtech Startups and VCs, and Talk Event for IPO

Introducing the startup events held by Fukuoka City!

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"Fukuoka Global Medtech VC Day" was held

Fukuoka City has been promoting the creation of an environment where people can work globally since its foundation, and as part of this effort, Fukuoka City held the "Fukuoka Global MedTech VC Day" on March 28, 2023, in collaboration with JETRO Fukuoka.

VCs at the forefront in the U.S.

The event featured keynote speeches by two invited speakers, Christine Winoto, Partner, MedTech Venture Partners, and Masashi Kiyomine, Managing Partner, Kicker Ventures, both of whom are active at the forefront of VC in the US, Also, Q&A sessions, pitches and networking by Fukuoka-based medical/healthcare startups and researchers were held, attended by overseas-oriented startups, researchers and startup supporters.

Participating startups and researchers


  • F.MED Co., Ltd. (https://f-med.co.jp/)
    Develops a microsurgery support robot for supporting vascular anastomosis with a diameter of 1mm.
  • SENTAN Pharma Co., Ltd. (https://www.sentan.co.jp/english/)
    Develops therapeutic drugs for a wide range of diseases using unique nano/micro formulation technology and edible nanoparticles called "Foodicles".
  • xCura Inc. (https://x-cura.com/)
    Develops "Therapia VR," which is worn during treatment and uses VR to reduce pain and anxiety that cannot be resolved by anesthesia alone.
  • Medmain Inc. (https://en.medmain.com)
    Develops and provides "PidPort," a pathology AI analysis solution.


  • Dr. Koutaro Ishikawa (Kawasaki Laboratory, Systems and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University)
    Develops an endoscope that can reproduce images of the stomach and intestines in 3D by attaching an ultra-compact sensor.
  • Dr. Toshiyuki Tsunoda (Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Fukuoka University)
    Develops an oral cancer drug that targets only cancer cells and is gentle on the body without any side effects.

Pitch Contest

A pitch contest was held among five startups and researchers in Fukuoka, with F.MED, a startup from Kyushu University, taking first place after a very close battle. The networking session at the end of the event was a great success, with active exchanges among the speakers and VCs as well as those who attended the event as spectators.

Talk with CEOs with IPO experience

Fukuoka City held an event to convey to startups the keys to overcome walls based on their knowledge and experience through a talk session with four CEOs of IPO companies.
At the event, the CEO of Fusic, which went IPO in March, and other entrepreneurs in Fukuoka City who have experienced IPOs had a lively exchange of views on what management challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. The venue was crowded with Fukuoka startups aiming for an IPO, who listened eagerly to the discussion.


Fukuoka City provides startups with opportunities to grow and connect with Fukuoka's startup ecosystem through events.
When you are ready to start up, Fukuoka City is the place to be!

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