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Let's meet Fukuoka City at the startup event

Please come visit our Fukuoka City booth at the startup event

International business matching event held in Fukuoka City!

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“ASCENSION 2023 × Startup Go!Go!×10th” was held!

"ASCENSION 2023" collaborated with the largest accelerator in Kyushu, "Startup Go!Go!", and took place over two days in three venues, with the main outdoor venue located in the newly established "Daimyo Garden City" in the heart of Fukuoka city this year. The event featured a total of 13 sessions, pitch contests, and business negotiations. Approximately 200 startups from both domestic and international backgrounds, along with around 70 venture capitalists, participated in the event.


Startups from around the world that have collectively raised over USD 1 million gathered, and 14 selected companies from 7 countries and regions presented their pitches. The judging panel consisted of nine members, including domestic and international venture capitalists.

After intense competition, "EF Polymer (https://ja.efpolymer.com/)," which addresses the challenges faced by farmers dealing with drought and water shortages by developing a high-water-absorbing polymer that allows crops to grow with minimal water, emerged as the winner.

In parallel, the "Startup Go!Go!×10th" event took place simultaneously, featuring pitches from approximately 30 startups that had raised less than USD 1 million in total. After a fierce competition, "Airato (https://airato.jp/)" emerged as the winner.

Talk session

Mr. Doda, in charge of business development at Google Cloud's venture capital division, and Mr. Yamamoto, Managing Partner at X&KSK Fund, conducted a special session on "Founder Trends in Japan and Overseas from the Investor's Perspective." During the session, insights from the two globally active individuals were shared, emphasizing the importance of involving global investors from the early stages, expressing belief in the potential of combining IP and AI in Japan, and highlighting the gradually increasing importance of sending people from Japan to the world, especially in a world where unicorns are prevalent, such as in the United States.

In another session titled "Perspectives from Overseas VCs" featuring Mr. Steven Vanada from Vertex Ventures, Mr. Clarence Tan from Origgin Ventures, and Mr. Kimo Kim from Hanwha Asset Management, discussions unfolded on the strengths of Fukuoka, with strong support from local partners, including the government and GxPartners, as well as banks and universities. The session also touched upon the compact market in Fukuoka presenting business opportunities. Additionally, insights were shared about Singapore having good business and potential, and the idea that by leveraging the strengths of each country, support for Japanese startups can be enhanced. The discussions concluded with the importance of collaboration among VCs for improving the ecosystem, emphasizing the significance of ongoing information sharing.

See you at "SLUSH" & "Meet Taipei"

SLUSH in Helsinki, Finland

Fukuoka City actively participates in startup events held overseas to build global relationships with cities worldwide, enhance the international recognition of Fukuoka City, and attract startups from abroad. The upcoming SLUSH event is part of these efforts.

SLUSH is a startup event held in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Since its inception in 2008, SLUSH has been themed around contributing in the best possible way to startup ecosystems worldwide. It has expanded its scale by involving not only startups but also entrepreneurs, investors, media, and volunteers. This year's SLUSH is scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 1, 2023.

These are the startups that are planning to exhibit alongside Fukuoka City.

aiESG, Inc.

World's first ESG analysis and evaluation that traces the entire supply chain


AR platform app "mARble"

Booon Inc.

Aim to solve the lack of protein in the world by alternative feed, etc. utilizing domestic millworms


Intelligence tools to maximize the effectiveness of online marketing

MEET TAIPEI in Taipei, Taiwan

Fukuoka City will also be participating in the MEET TAIPEI event, which is scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 2, 2023. This event has been held in Taiwan since 2014 and has grown into a significant gathering, with over 3,000 startups exhibiting. The event is organized with booths set up according to business domains and countries/regions, facilitating business matching opportunities. In addition, various events are held on stage, attracting participants such as investors, research institutions, and students.

These are the startups from Fukuoka City that will be exhibiting.

enfam. Inc.

Media called "Little Mama(Japan)、Kwaii Mama(oversea) " for those who raising children.


AR platform app "mARble"

anect Inc.

anect provides Appabrik, a No-Code Mobile App Development and Management Platform.

OneAI Inc.

Development of the marketing creative generation AI and sales chat-retargting "ChiChat"

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