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New Connections with Israel

Developing ties between startup communities.

New Connections with Israel

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As we continue to cultivate our global network, Fukuoka city strives to build relationships with startup communities around the world. These ties will ensure that Fukuoka’s startups are able to tap into other markets, exchange ideas with international innovators, and help startups expand into Fukuoka from around the globe.

Connecting Communities

Fukuoka city and the Israel Innovation Authority signed an MoU in November of 2019, connecting the two strong startup ecosystems. The Israel Innovation Authority is a central body within the country that manages governmental support for innovation resources allocated to the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem.

Often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the Middle East,” Israel is a startup nation that is especially strong in the field of cybersecurity and is attracting attention worldwide. With this MoU, companies in both areas will be able to receive mutual support in their research and development efforts as they work to create innovative products. Startups from both Fukuoka and Israel will now have a pathway to communicate, collaborate, and create new solutions together.

During the MoU signing ceremony, the Israel Innovation Authority shared their perspective, stating, "The world is changing rapidly, and there are many issues in it, and if we combine Japan's strong industrial competitiveness with Israel's high technology, we can make 1 + 1 more than 2."

Creating the Future

Israeli startups are also active in the agritech field. In the month after the conclusion of the MoU between Fukuoka city and the Israel Innovation Authority, Fukuoka’s own TrueBizon and Israel-based Agrowing. The companies signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the goal of collaborating. TrueBizon has created sora:share, a business that allows for the buying and selling of aerial rights. Agrowing developed a device with a measurement function built-in so that crops can be photographed from the sky, as sensors analyze them for pests and diseases. Together, they will work to approach the primary industries such as agriculture and forestry companies that would find this technology quite valuable.

Both Fukuoka and Israel are home to leading academic institutions, giving startups the benefit of attracting talented and enthusiastic young innovators to contribute to their visions. This, combined with the passionate startup communities in both areas, ensures that this MoU will benefit new businesses in each location.    

We are dedicated to continuing to grow our startup network. Keep an eye out - we might be in your city next!