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Learn more about our Thai MoU and the upcoming WARAKU SUMMIT

Fukuoka city & the Thai National Innovation Agency

Our MoU and the Upcoming WARAKU SUMMIT for Startups

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Fukuoka city & the Thai National Innovation Agency

On June 11th, 2018 Fukuoka city and the Thai National Innovation Agency signed an MoU to support startups. This mutual agreement will help both communities to exchange information, strengthen ties, and assist in building a more globalized startup community.

As Fukuoka’s startups begin to globalize, these agreements become increasingly more important. They allow our startups the opportunity to access resources and make connections that might not otherwise be possible. In addition, MoUs help startups from abroad to experience all that Fukuoka’s startup community has to offer.

It’s an exciting time, especially with the upcoming WARAKU SUMMIT, which will bring many MoU partners from around the globe to Fukuoka for a startup business matching event.

WARAKU SUMMIT on September 15th and 16th

The Fukuoka city startup community is excited to host the WARAKU SUMMIT this fall. It’s a business matching event that will take place at FUKUOKA growth next on September 15th and 16th, 2018 (that’s a Saturday and Sunday). It’s projected to be a big event with 100 startups and nearly 1500 participants hailing from both Fukuoka city and overseas in attendance thanks to our global MoUs.

Pitch Competitions

There will be a few different activities happening at the event, including pitch competitions. One competition is just for startups that are interested in expanding overseas. Companies will pitch in English to share their innovative ideas and vision for globalizing their businesses. The second competition is just for startups that want to raise funds. This time, the startups will be pitching in Japanese. The third competition is just for startups from overseas that are interested in expanding into Fukuoka. They’ll pitch in English to share their innovative ideas and vision for expanding their business locally.

Booth Exhibitions

Startups will have the opportunity to exhibit their businesses and products at booths during the event. As you likely know, startup booths give everyone a chance to mingle and peruse the incredible startups that are based in Fukuoka. Additionally, it’s the perfect way for potential investors, customers, and collaborators to quickly see what opportunities are available for them in Fukuoka. 

To secure a booth for your startup, make sure to submit your application here by August 20th at 12PM (JST)!

Business Matching

A big part of the event will be business matching, especially with interested parties from overseas. Startups who are accepted into the event will be introduced to members of the global startup ecosystem. Fukuoka city has established strong ties with international startup communities to provide an overseas support base for local startups, creating opportunities abroad. In addition, our startup ecosystem welcomes startups from abroad to come to Fukuoka and explore our resources and form partnerships.

Through matching Fukuoka-based startups with Japanese and Global businesses, our community will grow and thrive even more. As we gain a global reputation as a leading startup community, it is important to focus on growth and globalization. This aspect of the WARAKU SUMMIT will help us to reach that goal.

Outstanding Speakers and Panel Discussions

During the event there will be speakers and panel discussions by leading experts in AI, blockchain, and many other industries. The current speaker list includes:

  • Osamu Ogasahara, ABBALab CEO
  • Kazuma Ieiri, NOW CEO&Co-founder 
  • Brandon K. Hill, btrax CEO&Founder
  • Akinori Koto, WiL Partner
  • Katsumasa Niki, DEEPCORE President&CEO 
  • Shogo Ochiai, Cryptoeconomics Lab Co-founder CTO 
  • Yuji Otani, Circulation Executive Officer/CTO
  • Hiroto Shin, start today technologies General Manager (Fukuoka office)

A Can't-Miss Event

WARAKU SUMMIT is another prime example of Fukuoka city’s strong commitment to helping startups to succeed. It promises to have a great vibe (even inviting local artists and musicians to perform) and is a wonderful chance for aspiring and established startups to discover new opportunities and meet potential collaborators. Startup Team Fukuoka hopes to see you there!