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Renewal of startup support facility of Fukuoka City and International Meetup

Introducing the newly revamped startup support facility in Fukuoka City, "Fukuoka Growth Next," set to launch this spring, along with the International Meetup events hosted there.

Renewal of startup support facility of Fukuoka City and International Meetup

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Fukuoka Growth Next will be up for renewal in 2024!

Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN), a public-private partnership startup support facility utilizing the former Daimyo Elementary School in Fukuoka City, will launch a new management structure in fiscal 2024. FGN will undergo a renovation of its facilities and will begin implementing new startup support initiatives from spring 2024.

Overview of new initiatives and support programs from fiscal year 2024

Startups eligible to receive support will be integrated into a network as the "Fukuoka Growth Network". Support will be extended to all startups in Fukuoka, not just FGN residents and graduates.

In order to make the startup support programs offered by FGN available to startups other than FGN member companies and graduates, startups based in Fukuoka City that aim for rapid growth using Fukuoka City's startup support initiatives will be integrated into a community as the "Fukuoka Growth Network (tentative name)" to facilitate connections between startups and supporters. FGN will provide the Fukuoka Growth Network with support menus and information, creating a system where startups can receive support on demand according to their stage and timing.

Consistent support from founding to growth

In spring 2024, the Startup Café will be renewed and, while maintaining its existing role as a hub for startup consultation, it will welcome new concierges including experts in their respective business areas, corporate functions, and various funding methods. This renewal aims to transform the Startup Café into a space that will not only continue to serve as a consulting window for startups, but also as a facility that will consistently support the business growth of startups even after their establishment.

Image of the Startup Café Renewal

Enhancing Support for University-Launched Startups

By collaborating with Kyushu University's Open Innovation Platform (OIP) and the university's startup creation platform "PARKS (Platform for All Regions of Kyushu & Okinawa for Startup-ecosystem)," as well as further strengthening ties with technical colleges and the Fukuoka Consortium for Exploratory Human Resource Discovery and Development, the project will begin to support technology-based entrepreneurship and its business growth.

Supporting startup back-office operations to facilitate the growth of startups

As part of the new startup support initiatives, FGN will initiate measures to support startups' back-office operations such as accounting, human resources, labor relations, and general affairs. By allowing startups to focus on their business and making it easier for startups to monitor the financial status of their business, FGN aims to accelerate the growth of startups and create an environment that enables them to prepare for potential risks.

Renewal of the event space

The capacity of FGN's iconic event space will be more than doubled to accommodate events of approximately 150 people. In addition, audiovisual equipment compatible with online distribution will be installed to support hybrid online/offline events. This upgrade will strengthen the facility's and the startups' ability to disseminate information. When the event space is not being used for events, it will be made available to residents as a workspace to facilitate collaborative work.

Renewal Image of The Event Space (For Events)
Renewal Image of The Event Space (For Workspace)

Accepting applications for occupancy

Applications are now being accepted for startups interested in moving into FGN from spring 2024. Please refer to the following page for the conditions, selection process, and required documents. If you are interested in moving in, please read through the information and submit your application using the form on the page.


FGN hosted the International Meetup

The 'International Meetup' is an international exchange event hosted by FGN to celebrate global entrepreneurship in a casual, friendly atmosphere. It is held regularly at the FGN facility. The first 'International Meetup' of the year took place at the FGN event space on January 19th. Many people from various business fields and backgrounds gathered at the January 19 meetup to deepen the cross-border exchange. With many first-time attendees as well as regulars, the event has widely established itself as one that is open to all.

As such, Fukuoka City offers opportunities for startups to grow and connect with the startup ecosystem in Fukuoka through various support initiatives and events. If you are considering starting a business, Fukuoka City is the place to be!

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